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A survey about the favorite food of Americans mentions the pizza as an option many people. Authentic Italian food has captivated the tastes of Americans. CNBC reported, Harris conducted a survey of 2,252 adults for the purposes of this study. As usual, a survey conducted by Harris Poll is always based on the public opinion. Fifteen percent of the US population included pizza, Italian food such as one of the favored food. The next sequence of favorite foods, chocolate and ice cream was second with 7% of votes, followed by macaroni cheese and chips, both were selected by 5% and 4%. Due to being a favorite food then for those of you who want to taste the pizza, can come to CiCi’s Pizza is providing pizza with various toppings including cinnamon and a few other ingredients and spices. CiCi’s Pizza itself was built to introduce the traditional meat and processed with fresh and cooked vegetables. Problem Cici’s Pizza prices, you do not need to worry at all.

Pizza ranks first in the demographics of the Harris Poll. In the poll included several categories such as gender, location, and age. Only people aged 70 years and above who do not choose pizza, instead they tend to choose the ice cream. Although their favorite food is pizza, the reason they chose pizzas tends to be different. As many as 54% of women would rather eat pizza when you’re stressed. While 43% of men choose to eat pizza during the hours relaxing. As many as 58% of teenagers and 50% of youth tend to eat when you’re stressed. Although it has been mentioned if the elderly prefer ice cream, pizza remains one of their favorite foods consumed while relaxing. While polling on the health effects after eating pizza, about 66% reported no problems after eating pizza. But some others as many as 41% said that if they need a lot of exercises to burn calories after eating pizza.